Specialized classes for groups and organizations in Western Massachusetts 

Contact Jessica to discuss the specific needs and goals of your group.  

Turning Toward Natural wisdom and compassion

Mindfulness practice is an opportunity to bring more awareness to our present moment experience.  Awareness of  thoughts, emotions and physical sensations from moment to moment frees up the natural wisdom and compassion within each of us.  Discovering and connecting with our deepest intentions brings what matters most to us to the foreground of daily life.

​Mindfulness-Based Coaching  


Skill Building Group 

Mindful Living Skills

This is a group particularly for women struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD and other difficult mind states.

Amherst, MA 
Many insurances accepted. 

Bring mindfulness to daily life.

Eight Week Course

Mindful Living Skills
Offered through Amherst's Leisure Services & Supplemental Education (LSSE) program each of the four seasons.   
To register go to: www.lsse.org