Feedback for Jessica's eight week Mindful Living Skills course:

"Wonderful, engaging, essential.  I knew little of mindfulness, but this course helped me to develop skills and practices, knowledge and habits that will serve me for a lifetime."

-Scott Kaplan, Professor, Amherst, MA

"Helpful; the teacher has some great 'wisdoms' to share; insightful.  I have already incorporated the practice into my life."

-Greg Vennell, Teacher, Amherst, MA 

"This class was great.  I feel calmer and healthier because of this class and will continue the practice.  Thank you!"

-Course Participant  

"The course helped me to be in the present moment and observe my thoughts as they came and went.  I have been better able to handle my chronic pain by accepting it as just a "moment of suffering" during life.  My overall impression of the course is that it would be very helpful to many for monitoring their judging, accepting things as they are, letting go, and for realizing that everything is optional."
-Course Participant

"The course was very insightful.  This is the first time I've tried mindful meditation and I loved every aspect f it. "

- Course Participant

‚Äč"It exceeded my expectations.  [The best part was] finding the commonality among the participants and myself.  The confidence that I will continue mindfulness.  I liked everything about it."

-Course Participant, Hadley, MA 

"Amazing Amazing!  Excellent clear presentation.  Safe place to share our various thoughts and experiences.  Lovely practice CD. " -Course Participant

"Thank you for giving me a calm space, an aware space, a forgiving space." -Course Participant 

"The workshop was wonderful!  Information presented and practiced at a reasonable pace so I could absorb and understand and remember how to do it on my own.  Group was managed respectfully.  Thank you- a gift that keeps on giving!" -Course Participant 

Turning Toward Natural wisdom and compassion

What Participants Say